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A Central Committee person is the elected representative of the people at the most local level – the grassroots level.  As an elected official, the Central Committee person represents the people in his/her precinct and serves as a communication link between the citizens of the precinct, elected officials, candidates and the Erie County Democratic Party. Per Ohio Revised Code 3517.02:  Each member of a controlling committee shall be a resident and qualified elector of the district, ward, or precinct that the member is elected to represent. The Central Committee Members of the Erie County Democratic Party are elected every four (4) years by the registered Democrats residing within their precinct during the Primary Election. Any person interested in serving on the Central Committee should review Ohio Revised Codes 3513.05 and 3517.02 for additional details on candidacy and election of party Central Committee. 

The role of the Central Committee person is to encourage community political involvement at the grassroots level by providing timely information and an opportunity for participation in the political process.  You, as the Central Committee person, are the first line of contact with residents of your precinct – including those people not registered to vote, Undecideds and even Republicans – when they are concerned with local issues that may affect our community.

Central Committee persons should serve as a Democratic candidate’s link to the voters in their respective precincts.  As the elected Democratic representative of your precinct, you are expected to assist Democratic candidates in any way possible.  Candidates will make every effort to keep Central Committee members informed of their activity in each precinct.  This would include any door-to-door campaigning or literature being distributed by the candidate or the candidate’s committee or any special community group meetings in any precinct they plan to attend.  Open communication is the key to success!

Working together, staying informed and voting in every election at every level will enable us to continue electing Democratic women and men who work hard to represent our values and to better our communities. 

If you are interested in becoming involved as a Central Committee Precinct Member, please contact us by clicking on the Volunteer box to the left!  With your active participation and support, the Erie County Democratic Party will always remain an active and viable part of the political process within our community!


Central Committee - Declaration of Candidacy (No Petition)
Form No. 2-M - 9.17



The Erie County Democratic Party Executive Committee is the decision-making body for the Erie County Democratic Party.  The Executive Committee endorses county-wide issues, endorses candidates and determines the direction of the Erie County Democratic Party.  The Executive Committee Officers consist of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Erie County Democratic Party who are elected by the Central Committee Members every four (4) years.


The ECDP Executive Committee consists of the following:

Central Committee Members
At-Large Members
Erie County Democratic Officeholders
State House and/or State Senate Officeholder residing in Erie County
Ohio Democratic Party State Committee Man and/or Woman residing in Erie County

Honorary Members (non-voting) of the ECDP Executive Committee consists of the following:

Retired Democratic Officeholders
Ohio Democratic Party State Committee Man and/or Woman not residing in Erie County


To contact the Erie County Democratic Party,
please click here or call 419.433.3917 Option 3 to leave a message.