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U.A.W. Tri-County CAP Council
Lola and Forester Finley
Linda Miller-Moore
Les and Debra Hall
Yvette Rankins
Perkins Township Trustee Jeffrey Ferrell
Geauga County Democratic Party Chair Janet Carson
Deborah and Brian Nickoloff
ODP State Central Committee Woman Margaret M. Murray
North Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades
North Central Labor Council
MaryAnn Groot
Dr. Kirk W. Halliday
James C. Taylor
Geoffrey Oglesby
Gilbert Steinen, Jr.
Daryl and Joyce Deering
Erie County Clerk of Courts Luvada S. Wilson
Mary Lou Napka
Vermilion Local School District Board Member Grant Harding
James and Courtney Murray
Kevin and Cathy Zeiher
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers
Chris Redfern
Judge Jane and Dean Lucal
Amy and Richard Grubbe
Connie J. Porter
Margaret Ann ‘Peggy’ Murray
Joanne and Jim Harris
ODP Chairman and State Representative Chris and Kim Redfern
Victor and Evon Kademenos
Mark R. Williams
Erie County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Baxter
Kelsey O. Simon
Erie County Treasurer Jo Dee Fantozz
Barbara and Paul Farrar
Erie County Commissioner Tom Ferrell
Erie County Engineer Jack and Judith Farschman
City of Huron Councilman Sam Artino
John Hart
Perkins Township Trustee Jeffrey L. Ferrell
Perkins Township Trustee James F. Lang
Dennis E. Murray, Jr.
Erie County Recorder Barbara Sessler
Erie County Commissioner Patrick Shenigo
 Summit, Portage, Medina Counties Carpenters
Huron County Auditor Roland J. Tkach
Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh M. Tone
Glenn Szatala
City of Sandusky Commissioner Naomi R. Twine
Kyle R. Wright
Lauren L. Zarvis
Reminger Co., LPA
Erie County Commissioner Bill Monaghan
Chris J. Gasteier
Margaret Mary Murray
Huron City Councilman Joe Dike
Murray and Murray Company, LPA
David E. Clark
Karen Walderzak
Nettie and Frank Cox
 Erie County Sheriff Paul A. Sigsworth
Deborah S. McGuire
Diane Hahler-Johnson
John D. Jacobs
John W. Schaeffer
Monicia and Jonathan Hall
Tamara J. Horton
Bernita White
City of Sandusky Commissioner Julie Farrar
Kurt O. Landefeld
MaryAnn Groot
Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh M. Tone
Herman and Jessie Robinson
Diane L. Schaefer
Erie County Treasurer Pamela S. Ferrell
Jim and Marva Jackson
Debra and Brian L. Nickoloff
Erie County Clerk of Courts Luvada S. Wilson
Huron City Councilman Sam Artino and Vicki McMahon