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American Families Plan - Phase 3 of 'Build Back Better' agenda

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American Families Plan,
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Benefits of the American Families Plan:

  • Free preschool for all three- and four-year old children. 
  • Free community college education for the first two years.
  • Direct assistance to historically black colleges and universities, tribal colleges and universities, and institutions serving Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Native American Pacific Islanders.
  • Provide direct support for families who need child care. For most families under a certain income level, child care services would be capped at 7% of gross income.
  • Create a nationally comprehensive paid family and medical leave program so parents don’t have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of themselves or their families.
  • Extensions of middle-class tax cuts including the child tax credit and earned income tax credit changes recently enacted until 2025 - both of which put more money in the pockets of workers.
  • Provide incentives and payments to teachers.
  • Expand summer EBT to all eligible children nationwide.
  • Expand healthy school meals.
  • Reform unemployment insurance.
  • Expand the ACA premium tax credits in the American Rescue Plan on a permanent basis.
  • Make the increased child care credits permanent. This could allow up to a $8,000 credit for two or more children under age 13.
  • Allow the IRS to regulate paid tax preparers. 

How the American Families Plan will be paid for: 

Alongside the American Families Plan, President Biden is proposing a tax reform agenda that rewards work – not wealth. The agenda includes the reversal of many tax giveaways from the 2017 tax law (GOP Tax Scam), as well as reforms to the tax code to ensure that the wealthy and corporations will play by the same rules as everyone else by closing loopholes that give major tax giveaways at the expense of working people. The resulting revenue will pay for the American Families Plan investment in education and childcare, tax relief for American families, and reduction in child poverty.

Read the official statement from USDA: 
The American Families Plan Honors America’s Family Farms