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The Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus (ODWC), a grassroots organization, works in full partnership with the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP).

The mission of the ODWC is to motivate, educate, empower and energize Democratic women by: recruiting women to run for office, increasing women's leadership roles within Democratic politics and organizing women to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level.

In order to elect more women to office, the caucus will build a strong networking infrastructure of support for Democratic women by pursuing the following actions:

  • Advocating equitable representation and funding of Democratic women as it relates to candidate recruitment, senior positions within ODP, and appointments to serve on boards and commissions at all levels of government.
  • Develop informational programs on issues important to women and families. Providing educational and training and workshops. 
  • The ODWC Executive Director and leadership will facilitating statewide and regional networking opportunities through the ODP website, an e-newsletter, caucus development and social networking tools.
  • Promoting and featuring political, community and grassroots leaders by creating an annual document that lists all Democratic women elected officials, attorneys, business owners, and progressive group leaders.
  • Building a Democratic women’s speakers bureau to be utilized by local Democratic and progressive women’s groups.
  • Mobilizing and taking action on issues that impact: Equality, Economic Justice, Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights, Education, Diversity and Voters Rights. 

For more information or to get involved, 
please contact the Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus .


The Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus is a statewide caucus with membership that includes ALL Democratic Women’s groups:

  • County and regional Democratic Women’s Caucus
  • Local Democratic Federated Women’s Clubs
  • City and regional Democratic Women’s Groups
  • Democratic candidate women activist groups
  • Progressive women’s groups

The Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus
Leadership Council

Chair – Cindy Demsey, Cuyahoga County
Vice Chair – Representative Paula Hicks Hudson, Lucas County
Secretary – Constance Lighthall, Clermont County
Treasurer – Open


Kim Thomas, Cuyahoga County
Maryum Cooper, Franklin County
Representative Catherine Ingram, Hamilton County
Beverly Smith, Montgomery County
Chris Varwig, Lucas County
Patricia Crawford, Summit County
Lupe Williams, Wayne County - NE Ohio Sector
Amy Grubbe, Erie County - NW Ohio Sector
Heather Tiefenthaler, Champaign County - Central Ohio Sector
Eileen Krupinski, Jefferson County - SE Ohio Sector
Melva Newsom, Greene County - SW Ohio Sector


For more information or to get involved,
please contact the 
Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus.