Democratic Women of Erie County

Democratic Women of Erie County
P.O. Box 1044
Sandusky, OH 44871-1044


Officers, Committees & Committee Chairs

*President (2019-2020) - Margaret M. Murray
*Vice-President (2019-2020) - Amanda Fackler
*Secretary (2019-2020) - Lisa R. DeVerna
*Treasurer (2019-2020) - Diane L. Schaefer
*Membership Secretary (2019-2020) - Mary Zuk

Constitution & Bylaws - Sandra Brown
Chaplain - Patricia Baum
Historian - Mary Norris 
*Parliamentarian - Diane Hahler-Johnson
*Political Action Chair - Darlene Walk
*Publicity - Amanda Fackler
Scholarship Chair - Charlene Adams
*Social Chair - Mary Lou Napka
Voter Registration and Membership Drive - Debbie Nickoloff
*Ways & Means Co-Chairs - Julie Farrar and Tracy Francis
* = Member of the Executive Committee

Auditing Committee - Nettie Cox, Barbara Kresser, Norma Scally
Christmas Dinner Committee - Lisa DeVerna, Amanda Fackler, Tracy Francis,
Barb Kresser,Margaret Murray, Debbie Nickoloff, Norma Scally, Dorothy Windau 
Dinner/Meeting E-mails - Diane Schaefer
Dinner/Meeting Telephone - Connie Porter
Nominating Committee - Barb Kessler, Peggy Murray, Norma Scally
Parliamentarian & Bylaws - Diane Hahler-Johnson, Sandra Brown, Connie Porter,
Karen Walderzak, Darlene Walk
Picnic Committee - Lisa DeVerna, TBA
Political Action Committee - Darlene Walk, Beverly Newell Hancock
Scholarship Committee - Charlene Adams, Tracy Francis, Debbie Nickoloff, Yvette Rankins
Ways & Means Committee - Tracy Francis, Julie Farrar, Diane Hahler-Johnson, MaryLou Napka

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Democratic Women of Erie County:
Visit here.

The purpose of our organization:

  1. To perpetuate the principles of American democracy;
  2. To promote citizen interest in governmental activities in order to influence the course of government - on the local, state, and federal levels;
  3. To advocate the ideals of the Democratic Party;
  4. To encourage the interest of women in governmental activities.




Our meetings are the third Monday of the month at the Holiday Inn Express which is located within the Cedar Corners Complex (at the corner of Cedar Point Causeway and Cleveland Road). Doors open at 5:00 pm. Dinner is served at 5:30 pm, followed by our program (when scheduled) at 6:15 pm and the business meeting at 6:45 pm. Guest Speakers are scheduled for program meetings. If no program is scheduled, the business meeting will begin at approximately 6:15 pm.

We have special events throughout the year, also held on the third Monday at various locations. Prior notification is provided via e-mail and/or U.S. Postal Service.

Please visit EVENTS - Democratic Women of Erie County for meetings and special events information.

Men are welcome as Associate Members.


Click here for Membership Form - 2021

2021 Memberships:
Regular - $15.00/year
Senior - $10.00/year - 62 years and older
Associate - $15.00/year - Men

If you have any questions, would like to join or
have updates to your membership contact information,
please contact:   
Mary Zuk, Membership Secretary


Democratic Women of Erie County 2021 Scholarship

The Democratic Women of Erie County will be awarding $500.00 scholarships to local female residents who demonstrate the principles of the Democratic Party.  The purpose of the scholarships is to stimulate interest in and to create involvement in local, state and national government.

If you are interested in helping make dreams come true, please make a donation to the Dorothy Deering Memorial Scholarship Fund. You will find a donation form here. Thank You in advance for your support!



  • Erie County, Ohio female resident
  • GPA minimum of 3.0
  • Scholarship is restricted to an accredited institution of higher learning
  • 250-500 word essay is required
  • Registered to Vote if Age Permits
    • Registered at 17 years old, if applicant will be 18 years old on the day of the November 2, 2021 Election
  •  Available to Attend the Democratic Women of Erie County Meeting
    • June 21, 2021: Introduction of the Scholarship recipient and reading of the essay, and presentation of DWEC Scholarship certificate and check


  • What state or federal legislation do you believe should be changed for the betterment of the people?
  • Please be specific in your reasons, including information such as how the legislation may affect you, your family, and other entities such as; the environment, the education or political systems, a specific group of individuals or an organization. You may use science, history or political references, along with any other notable information.


  • The essay must be typed on white paper and double spaced. 
  • The applicant’s first name should appear at the top right corner of each page. Entries will be evaluated on the basis of clarity, organization, grammar and presentation. 
  • Please complete the cover page and submit it with your essay and a school transcript to: Charlene Adams, 1518 Pearl Street, Sandusky, OH 44870
  • The essay must be postmarked no later than Friday, March 12, 2021. We allow 10 days for delivery.

Any questions, please contact:

To print out cover page, requirements, essay topic and contact information, please click on links below:


2020 Scholarship Recipients

Micaela Coon - Ashland University

Micaela, a 2020 Edison High School graduate,Micaela Coon - Photo

is planning to attend Ashland University and
majoring in History and Political Science
through the Ashbrook Scholar Program. 
She will also be on the Ashland Dance Team
with her twin sister Hannah.

Kaylee Ries - Bowling Green State University  

Kaylee, a 2020 Edison High School graduate,Kaylee Ries - Photo

is planning to attend Bowling Green State University and
majoring in Business to pursue a career in Human Resources. 

Bakeless Bake Sale
Proceeds support the Dorothy Deering
Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bake sales are being held every day,
But we’re going to do it a different way.
No raiding the cookbook for something to bake,
No creampuffs, brownies, cookies or cake.

No trip to the store to buy what you need,
No blending, no stirring, no oven heat.
No toppings, no icings...Just get off your feet!
Your nerves stay unruffled; your kitchen stays neat.

We hope you think our plan is grand
And feel quite sure you will understand.
In your envelope, please put the price
Of a pie, cake or something nice.

Without fuss or bother, you have done your part.
We are sure you will give with a willing heart.
This is the end of our little tale
Wishing success for our bakeless bake sale.
Democratic Women of Erie County - Bakeless Bake Sale - FLYER 2020
If you would like to donate, please mail a check payable to:
Democratic Women of Erie County, ATTN:  Treasurer
P.O. Box 1044, Sandusky 44871-1044
bring your contribution to a monthly meeting
and give to Diane Schaefer, Treasurer
Proceeds go to our Dorothy Deering Scholarship Fund.
Thank You for your support!

Julie Farrar and Traci Francis, Co-Chairs
Diane Hahler-Johnson
Mary Lou Napka


Paid for and authorized by the Democratic Women of Erie County
Diane L. Schaefer, Treasurer, P.O. Box 1044, Sandusky 44871-1044