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Redistricting Ohio's Congressional & Legislative Districts - 2021

Website: U.S. Census Bureau
Website: Fair Districts Ohio
Website: Common Cause Ohio

Who Are We?

U.S. Census Bureau
The Census2020 provides the data of
apportionment results to all states
for their use to redraw Congressional and state
districts beginning in 2021.
Census Bureau Statement on Redistricting Data Timeline

The Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition 
is committed to reining in partisan gerrymandering.
We seek fair state legislative and
congressional maps that keep communities
together because we believe that 
all elections should be fair and meaningful.

Common Cause Ohio
has been a leading voice for
government accountability for five decades.

Timeline for Redistricting Ohio

December 31, 2020
Census Bureau, by law, delivers apportionment counts 
to the U.S. President

April 1, 2021 rescheduled to September 30, 2021
Census Bureau will send redistricting counts
to each state. These counts will be used  o redraw
state legislative districts based on population changes.
In Ohio, state legislature is required to propose a
new district map, conduct public hearings and vote.
If the is bipartisan - supported by at least half of the
members in each party - new districts go into effect
for a 10-year period beginning in 2022.

Delayed - New date will be posted
Deadline for the Ohio Redistricting Commission to draw
maps if legislators fail to approve one. 
If the commission's map receives bipartisan support,
new districts are approved for 10 years.
If efforts to achieve a bipartisan compromise fails,
new districts can be drawn by the majority party, but new
districts are authorized for only four years - not 10 years.
The Redistricting Commission has not released a projected
timeline for the 2020 cycle as of 2.01.2021.
Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; Ballotpedia

There will be several virtual events hosted
so we all understand what is involved in the
redrawing of Ohio's Congressional & Legislative Districts.


Monday, February 22, 2021 | 7:00pm
"Train the Trainer for Community Mapmaking Facilitators"
This session is for those who are interested in learning
how to facilitate community conversations to create
community maps using DistrictR #redistricting software.
RSVP here.

If you would like to review prior sessions,
you can access a recording here and slides here.
If you are interested in the topic, but unable to attend, please register.
Anyone who registers will receive a follow up email
with a recording and additional information.
Please register using this link here.


Mapmaking in 2021:
Community Mapping and Mapmaking
with DistrictR Tutorial
WATCH: YouTube
Here is an opportunity to talk about
community mapping and also a tutorial on District R,
public software developed by MGGG Redistricting Lab,
a research group at Tufts University.
Common Cause Ohio will lead a discussion about
the benefits of community mapping and
then provide a demonstration of the software.


For more information about redistricting,
please visit here.