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State Board of Education-District 2

Candidates for Member of the State Board of Education
run as non-partisan candidates.
This means none of the candidates will have a (D), (R) or other party affiliation
behind their name on the ballot.
Candidates listed below are registered Democrats within their county.

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Jeanine P. Donaldson
Annette Dudek Shine
W. Roger Knight

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is the administrative department 
of the Ohio state government responsible for primary and secondary 
public education in the state. 
The Ohio State Board of Education is the governing body
of the department and is responsible for overseeing the department. 
The board employs the Superintendent of Public Instruction, who runs the department. 
The department is headquartered in Columbus.

The department is responsible for implementing standardized tests 
required by state and federal law, including the 
Ohio Achievement Test (OAT), Ohio Graduation Test (OGT), 
and the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA, formerly OTELA). 
The State Board of Education does not have jurisdiction over higher education; 
Ohio's public colleges and universities are governed 
as part of the University System of Ohio by the Ohio Board of Regents 
and by the boards of trustees of each institution.

District 2 comprises of the following counties:
Erie, Fulton, Huron, Lorain, Lucas, Ottawa and Wood