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State of Ohio w-SBrown in Blue

Making Work Pay

In a major policy address this week at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University, Sen. Sherrod Brown unveiled his plan for "Restoring the Value of Work in America."

As he announced his pro-worker agenda, Brown said, "Three decades later, the hopes and desires I hear from Ohioans haven't really changed. They want the same things as those steelworkers: to be valued for the work they do, to be able to save for the future, to own a home, to take the family on a vacation once in a while, and to build better lives for their children."

Brown's plan includes the following proposals:

  • Raising the minimum wage and increasing the overtime salary threshold
  • Requiring companies to provide earned sick leave and family leave
  • Cracking down on wage theft and worker misclassification
  • Requiring advance notice for employee schedules
  • Expanding and strengthening collective bargaining rights
  • Redefining independent contractor status
  • Making retirement and savings programs more accessible and portable for all workers
  • Preventing employers from shifting workforce costs onto the taxpayers by establishing a "Corporate Freeloader Fee"

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