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Reem Subei for State Senate-District 2

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Who is Reem

Reem is committed to standing up for every Ohioan. She has dedicated my life to serving families met up with a system that creates barriers rather than support. As Ohioans, she believes we should demand a state legislature that opens doors to success and opportunity.

Ohioans should be able to access healthcare when they need it, not just when they can afford it. The expansion of the Medicaid program here in Ohio must be protected. Expanding healthcare access includes amending our laws to prohibit insurance companies from excluding people with preexisting conditions as well as protecting women’s bodily autonomy.

Our kids deserve a stable, high-quality education that meets them where they are and invests in public rather than for-profit education. Our state’s funding model for public schools has been problematic for decades, but our legislators have largely ignored the concerns of educators and school districts. It’s time to stop reacting to individual crises and invest a sustainable funding plan that pulls us out of endless levy cycles and brings long term stability and equity to every child in Ohio, no matter their zip code.

Safe housing and basic nutrition should be within the reach of every working Ohioan. Today, too many Ohioans find themselves stretched thin by the rising cost of food, housing, health care, and transportation. In fact, 8 of the 10 most common jobs in Ohio don’t pay enough to cover a 2-bedroom home. Despite low unemployment and rising productivity, companies are simply not sharing this prosperity with workers. Raising the minimum wage puts spending power back in the hands of Ohio families and rebalances our economy to lift up the workers who keep our economy going.

Reem knows that Lake Erie is the heart of our community and our economy. The loss of nutrients from our soil and run-off from factory farms poses a serious threat to this vital resource. We must be proactive in seeking solutions that protect our water and support the efforts of local farmers who want to be part of the solution.

Reem is dedicated to ensuring that every Ohioan earns a fair wage, lives in safe and affordable housing, and has access to healthcare. She plans to build a stronger and more resilient economy that benefits all of us.