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Nan Whaley - Ohio Governor - 2022

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Nan Whaley

While Republicans in Washington and Columbus block action on issues like gun violence, climate change, white supremacy, and economic inequality, Mayor Whaley is leading the fight for progress locally by bringing people together around Democratic values.

When Nan took office, it felt like Dayton was in free fall. But as mayor, she has led an economic resurgence as jobs and people move to the city for the first time in decades. UnderNan-Sam - Photo - 5.2021 her leadership, Dayton cut its opioid deaths in half in just one year. She successfully fought to give every four-year-old access to quality preschool and for paid family leave for city employees. When tornadoes ripped through town, she brought the community together to rebuild. When the KKK came to Dayton she led the real, tough conversations about racial equity and inclusiveness.

When a mass shooting left nine dead in Dayton in August 2019, Nan used her platform to reignite a national conversation on gun reform. She confronted President Trump for his inaction and testified on Capitol Hill. Her leadership was profiled in the New York TimesWashington Post, and New Yorker.

Nan understands what it will take for Democrats to win again in the Midwest: a laser-like focus on economic issues without compromising on civil rights and other core progressive values. She represents a new generation of local leadership ready to turn Ohio blue once again.

Nan is proud to have chosen Dayton as her home. Originally from Indiana, Nan attended the University of Dayton and has lived in Dayton ever since. She lives in the Five Oaks neighborhood with her husband, Sam, and rescue dog, Louis. She was elected Mayor in November of 2013, following two City Commission terms, and was re-elected in 2017.