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State Senator Joe Schiavoni to run for Governor 2018

Official Campaign Website: JoeForOhio

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Treasurer – Louis Schiavoni

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Watch: Joe Schiavone talks about the race for Ohio Governor in 2018 | YouTube

Joe Schiavoni talks about the race for Ohio Governor in 2018
Interviewed by: John Michael Spinelli | YouTube | 4.22.17

3.01.17 – COLUMBUS
 – Today, Ohio Senate Democratic Leader Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman) issued the following statement to announce his run for Governor:

“After seven years of Republican control, we still don’t have the high-paying jobs that places like Campaign Logo - 3.01.17Youngstown, Toledo and the Ohio Valley so desperately need. Our roads and bridges are falling apart. Our public education system is woefully underfunded. Ohio’s opioid epidemic continues to plague our communities. Meanwhile, Ohio Republicans give hundreds of millions of dollars to failing charter schools and billions in income tax cuts to the very rich.

“That’s why I am running for Governor – to provide the new generation of leadership we need to move Ohio forward. I will ensure that we put the state’s resources where they belong – investing in our state’s infrastructure to create jobs, funding our public schools and freeing our communities from the scourge of heroin.

“Our next Governor must be someone who can speak to voters in all parts of the state – urban, suburban and rural. Someone who will fight for all Ohioans, no matter where they live and no matter who they voted for in the past. Someone who can talk to people who don’t regularly vote and inspire them to get involved and help bring about real change. Someone who tells it like it is and won’t make promises they can’t keep.

“I am not a career politician, and I’m not going to be the anointed candidate. But I am a fighter, the fighter that Ohio needs. I will work harder than anyone, visit every part of the state and meet with every Ohioan I can until I win. Once elected, I will get to work giving ALL Ohioans the new leadership they are asking for and they deserve.”