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Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley to run for Governor in 2018

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– Democrat Nan Whaley just announced that she’s running for Governor. As Mayor of Dayton, Nan has created opportunities and solved problems that other leaders would ignore.

From investing in high quality universal pre-K education to making Dayton the first major Ohio city to offer paid family leave, Mayor Whaley has used her office to fight for progressive change.

Her work has put her on the front lines of the state’s challenges and she’s seen first hand how the Kasich administration has failed Ohioans. She’s running for Governor because she believes that our state must reverse course and begin putting everyday Ohioans before the super wealthy.


Mayor Nan Whaley is proud to have chosen Dayton as her home. Originally from Indiana, Nan attended the University of Dayton and has lived in Dayton ever since. She has resided in the Five Oaks neighborhood since 2001 where she lives with her husband, Sam. Nan Whaley was elected Mayor by Dayton voters in November of 2013, following two City Commission terms.

Mayor Whaley is passionate about moving Dayton forward in the realms of public service, including excellent customer service, educational opportunities and workforce development–especially in manufacturing industries.


Ohio is the heart of it all. In Ohio, we have the best people, the best businesses, the best places, and I truly believe that our best days are ahead of us.

But, right now, Ohioans feel invisible to this Governor and politicians in Columbus. Ohio needs to get back to work. We need to hold the drug companies that caused the heroin crisis accountable. And we need our state to reestablish partnerships with our local communities again.

In Dayton, we work to get things done and to make real improvements for our community. As a mayor, I don’t have the luxury of looking the other way. As Governor, I’ll be on the job day and night because I get it, and I’ll get things done.

There’s a better way for Ohio. We need to rebuild our state – community by community. That’s how we will move Ohio forward.