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Wake up call: Time to be engaged



 May 8th Ohio Primary results:
Number of voters in Erie County – 53,487; in Ohio – 7,941,921
Number of Republicans who voted in Erie County – 5,416; in Ohio – 827,039
Number of Democrats who voted in Erie County – 5,213; in Ohio – 679,738

GOP special interests groups and wealthy donors will pour more resources into Ohio
to maintain a hold on our state.
A magical Blue Wave won’t elect Democrats.
Only you, your family and friends voting
to elect Democrats will bring change.


Save Medicaid Expansion for over 700,000 Ohioans.

Reinvest in Ohio local communities to reduce tax burdens
versus funds kept by state.

Invest in public schools – 5th under Strickland;
dropped to 22nd under Kasich.

Hold for-profit charter schools accountable –
ECOT owes Ohio $80 million.

End Ohio’s opioid crisis and fund real solutions.

Ohio has lagged the USA average for 55 consecutive months in job growth:
90,000 fewer jobs today than in 2000.
Ohio jobs have grown by 2.4% – compared to National job growth of 10%.

Expand voting rights versus purging voters because they haven’t voted enough.

Securing Social Security benefits that we – The People – pay into and earn.

Legislation affecting Unions is on the horizon…again.
Remember SB5 in 2011?

Restrictions on women’s health care options.

Tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of working people.

OK with White House administration not having any checks and balances?

Don’t you think it is time to become engaged in exercising your right to vote?
Vote Democrat – November 6, 2018 – General Election
Deadline to register to vote in General Election is Tuesday, October 9th
Early Voting for General Election begins Wednesday, October 10th

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Provided as a wake-up call to all Democrats | Printed In-House | Labor Donated