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Main Street Initiative - 2021


We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2021 Main Street Initiative! This year, we’re doubling down on our commitment to building a diverse, skilled, and capable bench of local candidates and political operatives who are committed to making a change in their community. This year, we’re proud to partner with the LEAD Ohio PAC - Ohio’s pre-eminent candidate training program for progressives- to provide top-notch training and meet other candidates running throughout the state. Please be sure to save-the-date and sign up for our  2021 Main Street Initiative training with LEAD Ohio on Saturday, May 22nd


Thus far, we have had over 150 candidates who have filled out our 2021 Main Street Initiative Survey and expressed interest in running for office! Our team here at ODP has carefully vetted those who expressed interest in joining Main Street to ensure that they are registered Democrats who will uphold the party’s values and are reputable members of their community. 

The Ohio Democratic Party has trained candidates and staff and invested $1.5 million+ on local races across the state. And all the effort and investment has paid off! New judges, school board members, mayors, city council members and county commissioners have been elected along with retaining offices within traditionally Democratic strongholds - including 13 of 15 the largest city mayors. In addition, our diversity has increased as the next generation of public servants are coming forward to run for elected office! This program works!

We look forward to working with candidates and campaign volunteers of various backgrounds and experience levels, including those who have previously run for office or have been involved in state and local politics for many years, to those who are brand new to the political process. 

The benefits of Main Street are:

  • Candidates who have previously run for office or are currently in office will learn about the new technology and tools now available;
  • Candidates and campaign volunteers receive hands-on, customized fundraising and voter contact support, as well as individual and group trainings;
  • Candidates are part of a larger network and are promoted and touted to progressive donors and stakeholders across the state and country.

Plan to attend the next boot camp session! This training is for potential Democratic candidates, current officeholders, party activists and volunteers who may want to run or volunteer on campaigns in 2021 or beyond. You'll learn how to get ready to run while building the skills and connections you'll need for a successful campaign!

Are you interested in public service? The 2021 election cycle will bring many opportunities for you to run for office! City councils, township councils, village councils, judicial, school board seats will be available. Please contact the Erie County Board of Elections for information on what offices/positions will be included in the 2021 election cycle - 419.627.7601. Call now to ensure you don't miss any deadline dates for this election cycle.

For more information, please visit the link below:
Main Street: Run For Office 2021

or contact:
Jordan Hawkins, ODP Deputy Engagement Director

Do you feel the call to Public Service?

Plan to attend the important first step:
A Main Street Program!

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2021


In January 2015, the Ohio Democratic Party announced a new initiative dedicated to winning local races across the state. Races for County Commission, City Council, Township/Village Board, School Board, Mayor, State and Judicial offices will set the table for the long term success of the party. Through the Main Street Initiative, the ODP will focus on those elections across Ohio, prioritizing defending incumbents and Democratic open seats, picking up new positions of leadership in local elections and highlighting the brightest stars of the Party throughout the state.

The Main Street Initiative will provide many tools and resources to support local races including:

  • Data Support
  • Administrative Services
  • Training
  • Media Support