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Main Street Initiative

“Everything in politics starts at the local level—
good candidates, good ideas, critical services.
This strategy and fund represent our commitment to build this party
from the local level, where it all begins.” – 
Chairman David Pepper


1.16.15 - COLUMBUS - At a meeting with county party chairs from across the state, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper announced the Party’s plan to make early investments in local races throughout Ohio in 2015, 2016 and beyond.

The Main Street Initiative will be laser focused on providing direct support to local candidates and staff, including financial investments to targeted races, messaging, voter contact, and fundraising trainings, and access to cutting edge technology and data, among other things.

To jump start the important investment in this strategy, David Pepper, former State Senator and ODP Chair of Political Engagement Nina Turner, former statewide candidate and State Representative John Patrick Carney, Cincinnati City Councilman PG Sittenfeld, former statewide candidate and State Representative Connie Pillich and others have already committed funds from their campaign committees to the Party’s new Main Street Victory Fund.

“Everything in politics starts at the local level—good candidates, good ideas, critical services,” Pepper said. “This strategy and fund represent our commitment to build this party from the local level, where it all begins. I’m proud to personally make the first contribution today to a program I believe will produce great results this year and beyond.”

“As Democrats, it’s our responsibility to care about the welfare of ALL Ohioans, and our Main Street Initiative is an opportunity to put our values into action,” Turner said.  “It’s great to have Democrats in the U.S. Senate and the White House, but if we don’t support and cultivate our leaders at the local level, those of us living on Main Street from Cuyahoga County to Butler County are in real trouble.”

“Having a strong bench of local elected officials is key to ensuring Democratic values are enacted in communities all over our state,” said John Patrick Carney, who also committed to support the Fund. “I’m excited to be a part of this important investment in those communities.”



In January 2015, the Ohio Democratic Party announced a new initiative dedicated to winning local races across the state. Races for City Council, School Board and Mayor this year will set the table for the long term success of the party. Through the Main Street Initiative, the ODP will focus on those elections across Ohio, prioritizing defending incumbents and Democratic open seats, picking up new positions of leadership in local elections, and highlighting the brightest stars of the Party throughout the state.

The Main Street Initiative will provide many tools and resources to support local races, including:

  • Data Support
  • Administrative Services
  • Training
  • Media Support
  • Financial Investment

For more information on the ODP Main Street Initiative or to request consideration, 
please contact:  Political Director, Nelson Devezin or 614-221-6563 x1107