Interested in becoming a Candidate? > What is involved and what are the requirements to be a candidate?

What is involved and what are the requirements to be a candidate?

Are you thinking of running for office?
What is involved and what are the requirements?
Valuable information is provided below!

In addition, the Ohio Democratic Party in partnership with local county parties
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Thank You for considering to run for elected office
and becoming a valued public servant within our community!


The 2019 Candidate Requirement Guide (PDF)
is updated on an annual basis,
contains requirements and guidelines for those
who may decide to run for elected office.
This publication is available in electronic format only.


The 2019 Elections Calendar - 8.5"x11"  (PDF)
provides dates and information on elections,
campaign finance deadlines and events throughout each year.
Includes Campaign Finance Reporting Dates.
This publication is available in electronic format only.


Click here for the
2019 Reporting Calendar with Filing Deadlines.

The Campaign Finance Reporting Calendar contains filing dates throughout the year.
Filing entities submitting reports to a county board of elections
should contact the board for special election dates and other filing deadlines.
See Ohio Revised Code 3517.10 for complete details of the timing
and requirements for most campaign finance reporting.


Click here for Campaign Finance Forms



Visit here to view or download Campaign Finance Handbook.

The Ohio Campaign Finance Handbook assists all reporting entities in navigating the various regulatory paths established by Ohio law.  Each of the handbook’s chapters discusses specific entity types or areas of campaign finance activity and can serve as a map for the reader to understand each area of regulation and reporting applicable to their circumstance.  This publication is available in electronic format only.

Local candidates and other political entities can also receive filing information from their local county board of elections. For a list of all county boards of elections, please visit the local county board directory

Campaign Finance Statutes
Campaign Finance Administrative Rules
Campaign Finance Filing Forms
Campaign Finance E-Filing


Current Limit Chart - PDF
FEBRUARY 25, 2019 – FEBRUARY 24, 2021


The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct announced the 2019 schedule of seminars for judicial candidates, including three live seminars and two video replays.

The Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct requires all judicial candidates, including incumbent judges, to attend and complete a two-hour seminar on judicial campaign practices. A judicial candidate is required to complete the two-hour training requirement at least one year prior to, or 60 days after, his or her candidacy is certified by the election authority.

The judicial campaign seminars include instruction on ethics rules applicable to judicial campaign conduct, including participation in campaign activities, the content of judicial campaign advertisements, and campaign fundraising activities. The seminar also addresses state law requirements on disclaimers and campaign finance reporting.

The seminars are a collaboration among the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct, the Ohio Judicial College, and the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

Judicial candidates are encouraged to bring their campaign treasurer and volunteers to the seminar. The seminars are offered at no cost to attendees, and no preregistration is required.  Judges and attorneys attending the seminar receive two hours of continuing legal education credit.

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct maintains an online judicial candidate information page. This page contains rules applicable to judicial campaign conduct, a table setting forth the limits on judicial campaign contributions, and summaries of advisory opinions and court decisions relevant to judicial campaigns.

If you have any questions regarding these seminars,
please contact the Judicial College at (614) 387-9445



If any questions concerning any of the above information,
please contact the Erie County Board of Elections:
the appropriate listed contact as provided above.


Do you have questions about voting? 

Ohio Voter Eligibility and Residency Requirements

Voter Registration (Online)
Voter Registration Form (PDF)

Am I registered to vote?
Am I registered at the right address?
Update Your Ohio Voting Address (Online)
Am I registered under my correct name?
Where do I vote?
What do I need to bring with me to vote?

 Visit the Erie County Board of Elections website:
Erie County Board of Elections


Contact Erie County Board of Elections
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