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Congratulations and Thank You!

Thank You to all! You gave so much and it is so much appreciated!
Not all the results we had hoped for.
We are grateful for Senator Sherrod Brown, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and
two new Ohio Supreme Court Justices Michael Donnelly and Melody Stewart!
Erie County came through for Jeanine Donaldson in her bid as State Board of Education member and
Joel Kuhlman in his bid for 6th District Appeals Court as both came up short overall.
Our other amazing candidates up and down the ticket worked hard and gave their all.
We appreciate their willingness to step forward to serve our communities. 
We are grateful to the our many volunteers who poured hours of their time
and hearts into the campaigns this cycle!
Thank You to our volunteers!
Congratulations to all the candidates who were successful!
Thank You to all the candidates who stepped up to run for office!
You are all FABULOUS!


Senator Sherrod Brown
Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
Congresswoman Marcia Fudge
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
Congressman Tim Ryan
Ohio Supreme Court Associate Justice-Elect Michael Donnelly
Ohio Supreme Court Associate Justice-Elect Melody Stewart
and to those who won seats in Ohio Legislature, county and local levels!


Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton
Steve Dettelbach
Zach Space
Kathleen Clyde
Rob Richardson
Joe Helle
Julie Farrar
Joel Kuhlman
Beverly Newell Hancock
and to the many other candidates statewide who stepped up to run for office!