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6th District Appeals Court Judge - Joel Kuhlman

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Joel is a former county commissioner and city council person. He practices law throughout Northwest Ohio as a municipal law attorney and civil litigator. He is married to Gretchen Kuhlman and has three daughters, Jocelyn, Hollis, and Etta.

Court of Appeals:

The courts of appeals primary function is to hear appeals and review decisions of common pleas and municipal and county courts. Joel represents clients in those court systems throughout Northwest Ohio every day. Legal decisions, opinions, footnotes, and precedent are important factors in the law and Joel’s practice. It is also important to understand the effects of the application of the law. Joel has direct contact with his clients and people in the sixth district. He understands how the law effects their daily lives. Joel is the best candidate for the position.

The 6th District Court of Appeals is unique in its geographical and demographic make up. Half of the residents live in the urban Toledo area and the other half live in the rural area. Currently, all five court of appeals judges are from Toledo or an immediate suburb. Joel grew up and went to primary school in the Eastwood Local School District – a rural district. He lives in Wood County. He represented Wood County as commissioner. Joel understands the unique issues faced by rural residents, i.e., agriculture, drainage, industry, and recently pipelines. Joel also attended and graduated from engineering and law school in Toledo. Joel works regularly in Toledo. He understands the issues, assets, and challenges of the urban area. He is uniquely qualified to serve the interests of all residents of the 6th District – especially those of Erie County.