Responsibilities of Central & Executive Committee Members


To be a responsible Central and Executive Committee Member

  • As a Democrat, vote in every election
  • Attend Executive Committee Meetings regularly to stay informed about all candidates and issues
  • Ensure your family, friends and neighbors are registered to vote -- and vote in every election
  • Assist those who move into your precinct with a voter change of address
  • Provide absentee/early voting ballot application forms to those who are eligible to vote
  • Follow all duties as prescribed by the Ohio Revised Code

Support all Democratic candidates and their campaigns

  • Assist with gathering signatures for Democratic candidates by carrying petitions
  • Assist Democratic candidates find yard sign locations
  • Schedule precinct walks with candidates, family, neighbors and friends to distribute campaign literature, materials and yard signs
  • Attend fundraisers and/or other events benefiting Democratic candidates and the ECDP
  • Host a house meeting/coffee reception for a Democratic candidate
  • Write letters to your local newspaper editor that support Democratic positions and/or candidates

Support all Erie County Democratic Party activities

  • Attend fundraisers sponsored by the ECDP, Democratic Women of Erie County and as many Democratic candidates events as possible
  • Volunteer to help your ECDP with special events and/or activities
  • Attend Democratic workshops and conferences -- locally, state wide or nationally

Be an active and enthusiastic Democrat

  • Be positive and supportive of Democrats.  We can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy.
  • Know why you are a Democrat.  Know why you are involved in Democratic politics and why you believe others should be involved, too.  People will ask!
  • Be informed about all Democratic candidates and issues.  Know the backgrounds, strengths and qualifications of all Democratic candidates running for office -- locally, state wide and nationally.  Know what the issues are and why they are important.
  • Make sure family, friends and neighbors vote in every election -- as Democrats!
  • Recruit Democrats to volunteer for campaigns, invite them to Democratic meetings, fundraisers, events and/or other activities.
  • Assist in finding Democrats to fill vacant precinct seats who will be active, enthusiastic members.
  • Always be on the lookout for Democrats who will be good candidates for elective office!



Developed by David M. Ferrell, Past Chairman/Clark County Democratic Party
Edited by Amy F. Grubbe, Chairwoman/Erie County Democratic Party
specifically for the Erie County Democratic Party