Kasich's Budget 2014-2015 - How will it affect you?

Kasich's Budget 2014-2015 - How will it affect you?


 Governor Kasich's Budget 2014-2015

Stay informed on how the State Budget will affect

  • Education
  • Health Care and Medicaid
  • Local Counties
  • Roads and Infrastructure
  • Taxes
  • Turnpike

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Ohio Senate Democrats

Ohio Senate Democrats



Ohio Senate Democrats set their legislative priorities.

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Ohio Legislative Black Caucus

Ohio Legislative Black Caucus

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus
reacts to recent voter legislation signed into law.

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Ohio Legislature: Elections and Voting Reforms

Ohio Legislature:  Elections and Voting Reforms

Issues pertaining to:

  • Cuyahoga County and City of Dayton commissions introduce legislation to override Secretary Husted and Governor Kasich's restrictions on voting rights. 
  • Unconstitutional ... again:  “U.S. District Judge Michael H. Watson in Columbus ruled in favor of the Libertarian Party and Earl, who along with two others filed suit in November to block Senate Bill 193, dubbed by critics as the John Kasich Re-election Protection Act."
  • Republicans have already passed legislation to eliminate Golden Week, in which Ohioans can register and vote on the same day, and made it more difficult for voters to cast an absentee ballot by mail and in person - all signed into law by Governor Kasich.  Now, Kasich and his Republican allies are throwing up roadblocks to provisional ballots—even in cases of pollworker error.  Contribute to the Ohio Voter Defense Fund TODAY!
  • GOP attempting to prevent college students from voting
  • limits on signature gathering on citizen ballot initiatives/referenda
  • additional costs for citizen ballot initiatives/referenda
  • fewer number of days for early voting
  • eliminating 'Golden Week' where eligible voters may register and vote early at the the same time
  • establishing vote centers that would eliminate neighborhood voting precincts
  • legislative map-making

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Ohio Legislature: Health Care for Women and Families

Ohio Legislature:  Health Care for Women and Families

Many issues regarding women's, men's and families health care choices
being debated by Ohio Legislators. 
Be Informed and Stayed Informed! 

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Ohio Legislature: Workers' and Unions' Issues

Ohio Legislature:  Workers' and Unions' Issues

 Stay informed on what Workers' and Unions' issues are being debated in Columbus!

Indiana State Judge Rules Right-To-Work unconsititutional!

Ohio GOP and teapublicans working on gathering signatures to put issue on 2014 ballot.
Three bills ready once Kasich is re-elected in 2014.  
We will remember EVERY November!

Right To Work - What does it REALLY mean?

HB 484 - What is it and How would it work?
The Fair and Acceptable Income Required (FAIR) Act - What is it?
Are Ohio's sick and injured workers next on Kasich's and GOP's target list?

Issue 2/SB5 - Public Unions Rights:  Repealed!  We will remember EVERY November!

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FACT CHECK: JobsOhio still not working for Ohioans

FACT CHECK:  JobsOhio still not working for Ohioans

Even though his newspaper endorsed John Kasich in 2010 over then Gov. Ted Strickland,
in a match-up contrasting Kasich as a razzle-dazzle reformer to Strickland's boring but steady stewardship, 
Brent Larkin, former editorial director from 1991 until his retirement in 2009 for
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest circulation newspaper,
called Ohio's monthly job-creation ranking among the 50 states abominable.

To read more about the 'Ohio Miracle' that is not working, visit here.

FACT CHECK: What Kasich, his administration, GOP allies and friends are really up to

FACT CHECK:  What Kasich, his administration, GOP allies and friends are really up to

 Check out FACT CHECK
on what Governor Kasich and his Republican Friends are up to lately:

CronyGate - ProgressOhio highlights a connected contributor who
just happens to get even richer off government contracts.

Lehman Brothers' went bankrupt 5 years ago,
but does the corporate thinking still live on in Ohio?

Ohio's Governor Kasich rated as one of eighteen worst Governors in America
by independent watchdog group.
Controversies continue around JobsOhio, Ohio EPA ouster.

Governor's plan to give tax dollars to oil and gas companies -
FrackGate gains nationwide attention.

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Constitutional Modernization Commission

Constitutional Modernization Commission


 The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission (OCMC) is charged under
O.R.C. 103.61 with studying the Constitution of Ohio and other duties. 

Who are the OCMC Members?
How is the Ohio Constitution amended?

Stay informed on news, materials and updates on the OCMC.
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What state issues may be on 2015 November General Election Ballot?

What state issues may be on 2015 November General Election Ballot?

As the Republican-controlled Ohio House and Senate continue to pass and/or debate legislation that are harmful to Ohioans, various coalitions of every day Ohioans are taking to circulating petitions to give all Ohioans the opportunity to vote on new legislation that is being proposed by the Ohio Republican-controlled legislatures and
signed into law by Republican Governor John Kasich.

Do you know how the petition process works?
Do you know how many different types of issues campaigns can be initiated in Ohio?

Below are initiative petitions of interest:

  • Ohio Voters Bill of Rights amendment - language approved by AG; supporters may begin collecting signatures on petitions to place issue on November 2015 ballot
  • Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom Amendment; pending
  • Ohio Alternative Medical Treatment Proposed Constitutional Amendment; pending
  • Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment; pending
  • Personhood Proposed Constitutional Amendment; pending
  • Right to Work for less - GOP has legislation ready to go in 2014; pending

For more information on the above potential state issues, click here.

President Obama faces many challenges

President Obama faces many challenges


Stay up to date on those issues facing President Obama as he begins his second term:

  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - majority of Americans ready to accept, tell Congress to move on 
  • Presidential Commission on Election Administration - COMING TO OHIO - 9.19.13 and 9.20.13
  • Syrian Conflict
  • FINALLY - Richard Cordray reappointed as director of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Birth Control under the Affordable Care Act
  • New measures to control gun violence
  • Immigration reform
  • Raising the debt limit
  • Sequester
  • Social Security and the budget
  • And other important issues

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Supreme Court Of The United States

Supreme Court Of The United States

SCOTUS encouraged to be more
transparent, open, adopt stronger ethical code


Issue(s) of interest the High Court will review during 2013-2014 Session:

Individual Campaign Donation Limits - McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission (12-536)
Oral Arguments scheduled - 10.08.13

If a state may amend its constitution to prohibit race and sex-based discrimination or 
preferential treatment in public-university admissions decisions - 
Bill Schuette, Attorney General of Michigan v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action (12-682)
Oral Arguments scheduled - 10.15.13

Limits on prayers at legislative meetings - Town of Greece v. Galloway (12-696)
Oral Arguments scheduled - 11.06.13

On whether the Fair Housing Act, a law that prohibits race discrimination in the sale or rental of housing, 
allows for claims based on seemingly neutral practices that have a discriminatory effect  -
Mount Holly v. Mount Holly Gardens Citizens in Action (11-1507)
Dismissed - 11.26.13

Presidential appointments made during Senate recess - NLRB v. Noel Canning (12-1281)
Oral Arguments scheduled - 1.13.14

On whether a Massachusetts law that ensures access for patients at clinics that offer abortions
violates the free speech rights of protesters -
McCullen v. Coakley (12-1168)
Oral Arguments scheduled - 1.15.14

Raised various objections to the ACA including key provision
of requiring individuals to obtain insurance -
Liberty University v. Lew (13-306)
Petition Denied - 12.02.13

Can businesses use religious objections to deny birth control for employees -
Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores (13-354)
Oral Arguments scheduled - TBA

Issue(s) the Supreme Court reviewed during 2011-2012 Session
and still being debated on the national level:

Citizens United

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


For more information on the above issues, please visit here.

U.S. Congress

U.S. Congress



Stay up to date on issues being debated and voted on
in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

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